Our Story

Prayas was established in April 2012 at Columbus, Ohio. Prayas is a nonprofit organization aimed at infusing the traditional Bengali culture with our Western lifestyle to build a stronger community. It promotes Bengali Culture among new generation growing up in USA and raises awareness in other local communities. Our goal is to strengthen the relation of the Bengali community with its roots by celebrating Bengali festivals and organizing other cultural events. The name, Prayas, the Bengali word for effort (derived from Sanskrit), signifies our incessant strive for excellence in service to the community. We believe in nurturing our symbiotic relations not only within our own community but also with the local communities around us.

Our organization is equally passionate about organizing charitable events and participating in such events with other local organizations.

The majority of our members are Bengali speaking, but we warmly welcome persons from other ethnicity who are interested in Bengali culture or share our values and goals.

We plan to encourage community cohesion by building the organization where:
• there is mutual understanding and respect
• there is positive inter-personal contact
• while respecting diversity, there are some shared values

Prayas is a truly harmonious community with a sense of pride and identity. Its members feel involved and engaged. They understand and value the contribution Prayas makes towards enriching the cultural life in Columbus, OH. Community engagement and two-way communication are our cornerstones. We promote cooperation in community by pro-actively addressing fractures, removing barriers and encouraging positive interaction between members.

Our Logo

Our logo, the bird, represents peace. Its wings, outstretched and open, symbolizes its eternal endeavor to fly. Its three feathers represent our core values: respect, honesty, and compassion.

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